Sarah Adomßent


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My Name is Sarah Adomßent.

I am a digital painter and illustrator, based in the north of Germany.

Most of my work evolves around human and non-human characters in fantastic settings.
This includes traditional Fantasy, but also Science Fiction, Horror, post- apocalyptic themes and things in between.

My style usually combines somewhat realistic materials and lighting with a bit more rounded, softer stylisation and  a high value range.
Often striking a contrast between cuteness and a certain gritt and texture or even macabre elements.

I consider my main focus to be on digital painting.
Unsurprisingly, as I have been painting digitally for over 10 years.

Despite that, I do have a somewhat decent skill in painting and drawing traditionally.
Currently, I mostly dabble in watercolor/ink and acrylics. Though I also have some skill using color pencils and graphite.
My newest “love” is gouache, opaque watercolor.

I’ve also been trying to get myself some minor moddeling and sculpting skills. (In Blender and Zbrush, respectively.) I don’t use it in my 2D work though, and I’m still a bit self-conscious about it. So not much so show off, yet. ;)

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